My name is Ekaterina Kacharava and I am a founder of Katrin Estates. I live and work in Marbella since 2003.

Our company will gladly provide you with professional assistance in the purchase, rental or sale of your property in Marbella. Buying or renting a property with us will be an easy, safe and efficient experience. Our team of lawyers will assist and accompany you through the buying / selling process.

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We will also take part in making the process of adaptation in our beautiful town pleasant and easy for you.

  • Assistance in choosing the school that best suits the needs of your children.
  • Recommendation of the most effective specialists in any field (legal, financial, medical, educational…).
  • We will introduce you to the best specialists in the design and renovation of your property.
  • Suggest the best places for leisure (sometimes hidden from the eyes of tourists).

Your satisfaction and well-being is our main objective.
We are interested in establishing a long-term relationship with you and ensure that your experience with us is pleasant and positive.

Why is Marbella so loved and appreciated?

We could think of a hundred answers. And all of them would be true. But let's talk about the most important ones. It is the special topography and the result is a unique microclimate where you feel better day after day. There is nature where everyone can find a place to his/her liking: picturesque mountains, clean sea and air and incredible green expanses.

Hospitality and friendliness to foreigners, especially for internationals: almost all restaurants offer menus in English, and banks, law offices and offices invite English-speaking staff. The chic and active port area, the buzzing office life of the central area, the cosiness and beauty of the old town, the bright charm of the waterfront studded with restaurants, and the peace and quiet of the residential areas. The weather is unbelievably comfortable with 320 days of sunshine a year, while the temperature drops are insignificant (rarely above +27 in summer and around 15-20 degrees in winter).

There are many first class educational institutions, sports academies and entertainment for children. It is also a great place to invest. It is especially lucrative to invest in building plots or The most attractive investments are in building plots for sale or houses for rent. The rental business in Marbella is very active, especially in season and for longer periods. So even if you do not plan to live in Spain yourself, you will be able to resell That is why even if you do not plan to live in Spain yourself you will be able to resell or lease the property. And most importantly, Marbella is an opportunity to become a resident with the purchase of real estate from 500,000 €.


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